JULIAN SMITH — Racist Coffee
His coffee’s black
His coffee’s white
But we drink it both ways
Cause it’s alright
Some only drink it white
Some only drink it black
But we drink it both ways
So that we won’t get flack
We don’t drink — We don’t drink racist coffee
Don’t drink that — Don’t drink that racist coffee
I’m racist against that racist coffee
Neither one’s first — neither one’s a sequel
All drinks are created equal
This world’s humongous
So many coffee drinks among us
Like Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, my favorite Americanos
Who cares about your whereabouts
East or West, North or South
Just shut your mouth — now open it
You’ll enjoy both — we’re hoping at least
Hey white friend, try this
Hey that is pretty good
Hey black friend try this
Hey that is pretty good
Закладка Постоянная ссылка.

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